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As a personal injury lawyer who helps people injured in car wrecks, I frequently hear about how overwhelming it can be. You have been injured through no fault of your own by another driver. You have medical bills stacking up. The insurance companies are dragging their feet. You are in pain and hurting. You are unable to work. Your normal bills need to be paid. Your family’s needs are not being met. If you have been injured in a car accident in Greenville, SC call the Thomas Creech Law Offices and lets talk solutions.

Today,  I read a news report about a woman who was killed in a single car accident in Greenville, SC. According to news reports, the woman was from Taylors. The wreck happened on August 2, 2014, on E. Mountain Creek Road in Greenville SC. At this point the details in the media are scant. News reports are stating that the car left the road and hit a tree. There are no details stated in news reports as to what caused the driver to leave the road. The South Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating the accident.

Single car crashes do occur and need to be investigated thoroughly to determine what happened. There can be several causes of single car crashes, including ignition failure or vehicle malfunction, defective roadways or defective highways, driver error, undiagnosed or sudden medical emergencies, or fault of an unknown third party driver that may have caused a driver to run off the road.

To obtain solutions in car accident cases, investigations need to be performed and problem areas need to be identified. Can a recovery be made against another person or entity? Next, the amounts of medical bills and lost wages need to be determined. How bad, how frequent, and how interfering is the pain?  How much has the injured person lost in wages? Is there any permanent disability or permanent impairment? All of these question need to be answered so that solutions can be provided.

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