Car Accident

There have been multiple tragic automobile accidents involving death in the Upstate recently. Media outlets are reporting about several serious car accidents occurring in the last few days in the upstate of South Carolina specifically in Greenville SC and Anderson SC.

First on October 21, 2014,  in Greenville SC near White Horse Road, shortly before 8:30 a teenager died and four others were injured in a crash that occurred at a local gas station. Apparently, a car came over an embankment and ended up at a gast station where it ran into a gas pump and then caught on fire.

Also on Tuesday October 21, 2014, this time in Piedmont SC, which is located in Anderson County, SC a pedestrian was struck and killed while walking along the side of the highway.  According to law enforcement authorities who made statements to the media, the driver of a truck left the road and struck the pedestrian. The truck then struck a fence according to media reports. The accident occurred on Secondary Road 86. According to law enforcement authorities who made statements to the media, the driver of the vehicle left the scene.  However, witnesses gave troopers the license tag number and authorities were able to later track down the vehicle and driver. The driver was then arrested on various charges, including Felony DUI with death resulting. This is obviously a sad story. Any time a person is killed as a result of automobile accident, it is a tragedy. Also it serves as a reminder that the long arm of the law is never too short.

In civil cases such as personal injury cases,  where there is involved egregious conduct, the law allows for punitive damage.  Punitive damages are damages that a jury may impose to deter wrongful conduct and to punish a specific wrongdoer. Cases involving DUI are obvious instances where the law may allow for puntive damages.

Greenville SC personal injury attorney Thomas Creech regularly represents people injured in automobile accident cases involving serious personal injury and death resulting. Just recently, the Thomas Creech Law Offices was retained again in an automobile accident resulting in wrongful death. From our experience, we understand that wrongful death cases are very serious and emotional cases. In emotional cases, an experienced objective advocate can be an extremely valuable resource to have on your side.